Stroke Alert is May 6th 2014!

Because stroke victims rarely call 911, the only way to have them reach the emergency room quickly is to educate the ENTIRE population about the warning symptoms of stroke and the need to call 911.

Stroke Alert is a grassroots initiative by health care providers to work with local media and local organizations to reach out to the whole population of a community on one single day. The goal is to educate everyone with regard to the warning signs of stroke and the need to call 911 immediately. You are welcome to join! There are no fees. Our graphics and educational materials are available in many languages for free. Use them as you wish, you can even put your own logo on them. Explore the site, come frequently because it is maturing and growing rapidly.

We encourage you to register (also free) so that other partners can find you. The primary contact person for each registering partner also will be able to list your own events for the public to see (along with a link to your website) and will be able to upload educational tools or graphics that you have found useful; it is also possible to share links to other non-commercial sites. This event is about sharing and cooperating! Together we can make a difference.

You can still order graphics directly from M&M Printing with tremendous savings due to our bulk rates. They can mail the materials to you directly. See the information 'Buy Printed Materials' in Downloads (must be logged in to view).

We are always looking to provide our materials in more languages but we need more translators. Anyone who can translate the English Short Handbill or Long Handbill versions should just contact us directly.

How is Stroke Alert organized?

Stroke Alert has several strong regional groups from coast to coast.  These groups usually meet two or three times before Stroke Alert Day in order to coordinate their activities.  We hope to make this website a better tool for communcation as well.  We are actively seeking to introduce a "virtual committee" structure as well.

What does it mean to be a Partner?

“Partners” refers simply to everyone who participates in this enormous but exciting effort, whether a healthcare facility, community organization, governmental agency or solo individual. As a partner, you agree to help educate your community about the warning symptoms of stroke and of the need to call 911. No more than that, but no less! Everyone is welcome.

How Do I Join?

Just sign up as a partner using this website. There are no fees, no dues, no obligations. The only costs are voluntary contributions that support local newspaper ads. Stroke Alert materials can be purchased already printed, at cost, if you like, or the same materials can be downloaded from this site for free should you prefer to print your own.

What is Stroke Alert?

Stroke Alert is the combined efforts of healthcare providers, local organizations and volunteers to reduce the impact of stroke in their community by concentrating their efforts onto a single day in order to saturate the community with one simple message.