What does it mean to be a Partner?

“Partners” refers simply to everyone who participates in this enormous but exciting effort, whether a healthcare facility, community organization, governmental agency or solo individual. As a partner, you agree to help educate your community about the warning symptoms of stroke and of the need to call 911. No more than that, but no less! Everyone is welcome.

As a partner, you are choosing to:

1. Help to facilitate screening and community educational activities on May 6th, 2008, which is the day of this year’s Stroke Alert. You can post these events on our WebSite.

2. Use Stroke Alert Graphics to identify yourself as part of the larger group that share the same vision. You can find an example on this HomePage and all of the current materials are available on the Graphics Page. Languages other than English already exist and the range of languages continues to grow steadily. Additional languages and suggestions for improvements of the existing versions are welcome. (Just send them to info [at] strokealert [dot] org.)

3. Stay on message of the Warning Symptoms of Stroke and the Need to call 911 on the day of the Stroke Alert.

4. Participate with others in your region in organized media events, sharing stories and experts with local TV, radio and newsprint media. This is where it takes some sacrifice to avoid competition but it is necessary for the spirit of our event! All media items are posted on our WebSite.

5. Attempt to have your institution participate in a full–page newspaper ad in a local paper. This usually amounts to about $500 - $1000 for each participant. The ad has room for the prominent display of the logo of all participants.

6. There are no other restrictions about organizational materials or labelling. In fact, all Stroke Alert materials are made to have your own institution’ s logo inserted for use at your own events.
a. Additional materials provided by stroke organizations or corporations are welcome. Links will be posted on our website.