What is Stroke Alert?

Stroke Alert is the combined efforts of healthcare providers, local organizations and volunteers to reduce the impact of stroke in their community by concentrating their efforts onto a single day in order to saturate the community with one simple message.

1. Stroke Alert is a combined educational and media blitz focused on a single day in May, which is Stroke Awareness Month.
2. Medical Centers agree to conduct their usual screening events and special community educational events on that day
3. Other organizations (community service, healthcare, corporate, government) join the effort, each in their own unique way
4. The Media serves as the conduit for delivering information to the public by leveraging stroke-related stories and expertise supplied by their local medical centers
5. Partners combine their resources, including sharing a full page ad in one or more local newspapers promoting the message rather than their organizations
6. Everyone agrees that Stroke Alert is not a day for competition but rather a day to pool our efforts toward a simple common goal that benefits us all